10 Obscure Facts You Didn’t Know About NHL Players

Richard M. Coleman
3 min readDec 5, 2023

Ice hockey, with its blistering pace and bone-crushing checks, has captivated fans worldwide. While the NHL showcases extraordinary athletic prowess on the ice, there’s a side to its players that often remains hidden from the limelight. This listicle delves into the offbeat and unknown, uncovering ten obscure facts about NHL players that might surprise you.

Lucky Charms on Ice: Brian Boyle’s Pregame Ritual

The veteran NHL center Brian Boyle is known for his meticulous pregame routines. However, what sets him apart is his quirky choice of a pregame snack: Lucky Charms cereal. Boyle, who has played for various teams, has been spotted devouring a bowl of the sugary delight before hitting the ice. Perhaps there’s something magical in those marshmallows that fuel his on-ice performance.

Zamboni Enthusiast: Brent Burns’ Unique Passion

Brent Burns, the San Jose Sharks defenseman, has a passion beyond the rink — his love for Zambonis. Burns is an avid collector of Zamboni memorabilia, including miniature models and a Zamboni-themed snow globe. It’s not every day you find an NHL star with a soft spot for ice-resurfacing machines.

Musical Talents: Tyler Seguin’s DJ Skills

Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin isn’t just a scoring machine on the ice; he’s also a skilled DJ off it. Seguin has been known to showcase his musical talents at various events, spinning tracks and keeping the party alive. It’s a side of the NHL star that adds a rhythm to his impressive repertoire.

Shakespeare in the Locker Room: Drew Doughty’s Theatrical Passion

Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty has a surprising hobby that takes him away from the ice — theater. Doughty is a fan of Shakespearean plays and has even taken acting classes to refine his thespian skills. Imagine the intensity of Doughty’s performances on the ice translating to the dramatic stage.

Juggling Act: Patrick Marleau’s Pregame Routine

Patrick Marleau, the NHL’s all-time leader in consecutive games played, has a unique pregame ritual that involves juggling. The San Jose Sharks legend often juggles three pucks before hitting the ice, showcasing his hand-eye coordination in a different light. It’s a spectacle that adds a touch of flair to Marleau legendary career.

Ping Pong Prodigy: Tom Wilson’s Table Tennis Skills

Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson is not just a force to be reckoned with on the ice; he’s also a skilled table tennis player. Wilson has been known to engage in intense ping-pong matches with teammates, showcasing different finesse. His precision isn’t limited to scoring goals.

Soccer Savvy: Wayne Simmonds’ Love for the Beautiful Game

While hockey is his profession, Wayne Simmonds, a forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs, has a deep love for soccer. Simmonds, who grew up playing both sports, is a dedicated fan of the beautiful game. His soccer skills are no slouch either, making him a versatile athlete passionate about different forms of competition.

Golfing Goalie: Marc-André Fleury’s Golfing Prowess

Marc-André Fleury, the goaltending maestro, isn’t just adept at stopping pucks but is a skilled golfer. The former Vegas Golden Knights netminder has been spotted on golf courses, showcasing different skills with a club in hand. Fleury’s finesse extends beyond the crease, making him a genuine athlete.

Comic Book Collector: P.K. Subban’s Superhero Obsession

P.K. Subban, the charismatic defenseman known for his on-ice flair, has a soft spot for superheroes. The New Jersey Devils player is an avid comic book collector with a particular fondness for Marvel characters. Subban’s love for larger-than-life stories isn’t limited to the hockey arena; it extends to the pages of comic books.

Hidden Talent: Auston Matthews’ Moonlighting as a Sculptor

Toronto Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews is not just a goal-scoring sensation; he’s also a talented sculptor. Matthews, who has a keen interest in art, has been known to create intricate sculptures during his downtime. It’s a side of the young NHL phenom that adds depth to his off-ice persona.

In the fast-paced world of the NHL, where players are often defined by their on-ice exploits, these obscure facts shed light on the diverse and fascinating personalities that make up the league. From cereal rituals to theatrical pursuits, these players prove there’s more to them than meets the eye. So, the next time you watch a game, remember that behind every slap shot and glove save, there’s a player with a unique and often surprising story to tell.



Richard M. Coleman

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